Within Argentum, we focus on four core areas of forensic accounting. These being:


The Argentum team houses experts who advise on the valuation of assets, businesses and other intricate financial matters throughout the divorce journey. We work towards a clear dissemination and presentation of complex financial information against robust assessments of sectors and industries. In a divorce scenario when there can be a lot to lose or gain it makes sense to have the right team from initial instruction so talk to us now and find out how we can help.


The Argentum team has extensive experience in investigating financial misrepresentation, as well as specialising in asset tracing, financial exposure and fraud prevention measures. We are up to date on current legislation regarding fraud issues so you know you are dealing with experts if you are concerned about a personal fraud issue or think there may be fraudulent activity within a business environment.


The coherent approach adopted throughout our team ensures we consider your financial position both presently and looking towards the future. We take time to understand your circumstances whether you want to discuss a personal tax issue or a complex tax case relating to a business and we have the resources to put a variety of plans in place to help. We have the ability to give support in relation to any complex tax implications, as well as advising on any profit extraction with the minimum tax leakage.

Single Joint Expert (SJE)

“Where two or more parties wish to submit expert evidence on a particular issue, the court may direct that the evidence on that issue is to be given by a single joint expert.”

Argentum can provide an expert to act on behalf of both parties in a dispute as a Single Joint Expert, appointed by the courts.